Institutional Research

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Survey Submission and Approval Form
What do you hope to gain by administering the survey? What do you plan to do with the survey results? What are your hypotheses?
i.e., students, Hispanic female students, alumni
What is the total membership of your defined group of people?
What form of sampling (probability or non-probability) will be used and how will you determine your sample size (based on level of certainty desired and an acceptable margin of error)? How will your sample be drawn (random selection, select audience, key individuals, etc.)
i.e., every fall, annually, etc.
Will you send a follow-up email to remind respondents to fill out the survey and send it back to you? Will you use incentives? If yes, please provide what incentive will be used, how much the incentive is worth and how many incentives will be offered.
Will you run frequency distributions, means or statistical tests? Will you be writing a summary of the analyses?
Who will receive this information? How will this information be communicated?
If you have any trouble uploading a file please email it directly to
Sample on the Survey Administration website.
Sample on the Survey Administration website.
Reminder for students to complete survey.